Welcome to a place that is very special to us. It’s a place where like-minded brands have come together to support a world of sharing through reuse.

About the REWEAR™ Collective

We are raising our kids in a world which has a growing consumption problem, one that will not be solved by one company or one idea. We believe that the path forward is to bring brands and consumers together in collaboration – for the greater good – to extend the lives of the products we own and make.

Kidizen stands behind those brands who are committed to making a difference for future generations through the creation of quality products and the promotion of their rewear. We, in turn, encourage consumers to consider these brands when shopping ‘new’.

We are seeking partners to join us on our mission to extend the lives of your products. 
If you have a proven commitment to making quality, long-lasting products and are interested in supporting their rewear, please contact us to learn more about REWEAR™ Collective membership.

We are proud to introduce the REWEAR™ Collective in collaboration with innovative, eco-conscious brands, committed to the creation of quality products.