Our values guide us and define us. Together, they create the unique mix of what’s wholly and distinctly our brand.


We believe in empowering moms as micro-entrepreneurs and consumers. We strive to facilitate an economy that gives back to moms by supporting ways they can earn extra money and afford their ongoing, changing needs, while expressing who they are as contributors.


Our members are more than a community; they ARE Kidizen — our heart and soul that allows us to achieve a more personal level of user experience. We rely on each other for the genuine empathetic support that only comes from those who’ve had similar experiences. We are simply better together.


Everyone needs to express themselves. Kidizen is designed to recognize that not only is every child unique, but every mom has her own style sense and a desire to share it! Kidizen personalizes a customer’s journey, celebrates our differences, and encourages self-expression as often as possible.


We are all in this together. Our community supports each other as families to make the world a better place through the power of sharing. We provide ongoing opportunities for moms and look for ways to tap into our communal wealth for the greater good.


We believe in the stories that weave us together as moms. By sharing tips and advice, daily musings, kid photos, once-loved clothing, favorite kid styles, and our experiences in motherhood, we become connected as one big Kidizen family.


We believe that Kidizen should be a “happy place” for our members. Parenting can be challenging, so we will foster a feel-good, inspirational environment, optimistic, always looking forward and finding ways to delight whenever we can. Happiness is a part of who we are, what we all NEED.