Posted by Dori Graff | May 17, 2018
4 Reason Why Brands Need Resale

When co-founder, Mary Fallon, and I started Kidizen in early 2014, a phenomenon called Buy/Sell/Trade (“BST”) groups on Facebook and Instagram were just starting to gain traction. We weren’t surprised to see the growing interest in resale. There were a number of emerging trends that were helping to propel this...

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Posted by Kate Smith | May 8, 2018
6 Trending Brands This Week on Kidizen

What brands are moms starting to stock up on now that school is almost out, pools are starting to open, and playgrounds beckon? We're highlighting a handful of brands that are being searched, carted, and bought this week. Take a look for yourself and grab one (or two) before they're...

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Posted by Team Kidizen | May 4, 2018
An Intro to Bumping and Commenting for Engagement

Once you have your shop up and running you will start to notice alerts for other shops leaving comments on your listings. Some comments will be questions about your item, some will be hashtags, and others just emoji symbols. All commenting falls under the term “bumping.” When a comment is...

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Posted by Kate Smith | May 1, 2018
Shop My Cart! | Editor’s Picks for Early Summer

Getting tired of hearing us talk about the transition to spring and all its accompanying layers? Well, we've finally had more than two days with temperatures over 70 degrees at Kidizen HQ here in Minneapolis and that means spring is finally happening. We feel pretty safe saying summer is on...

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Posted by Ali Joaquin | April 25, 2018
New! Promote Your Kidizen Shop with Instagram Story Templates

Our creative team is excited to have designed a handful of fun templates to help our mamas share a little bit about themselves—and promote their shops—on Instagram! Download or screenshot the templates below, then use them in your Instagram stories. Be sure to tag us so we can re-share!  Team Kidizen...

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