An Intro to Bumping and Commenting for Engagement

Once you have your shop up and running you will start to notice alerts for other shops leaving comments on your listings. Some comments will be questions about your item, some will be hashtags, and others just emoji symbols. All commenting falls under the term “bumping.” When a comment is left on a listing, it will bump the listing back to the top of the main shopping feed. Just like when you first listed the item and it started out at the top. As sellers, we want our items to have a better chance of being seen so this is a small way to help our visibility.

When you want to bump a shop it’s as easy as opening a listing, pressing the comment icon, and entering something in the text field.

Listing Example

Listing Comment Area

I will sometimes put the hashtag of the day (if it applies to the item), a comment like “we have and love this,” or my personal favorite bump of three bunny emoji.

Not only does bumping help a listing stay higher up in the shopping feed, it’s also a great way to check out new shops and socialize with others on the app. Sometimes when someone goes to bump a shop they also become buyers before they leave, this does go both ways! I also appreciate when another shop will send me a private message when they noticed I listed an item incorrectly or find an inappropriate spelling error while they’re bumping in my shop. Happens more than you would think with spelling autocorrect!

There are no set rules for bumping. Sure, it would be nice if the shops we bumped would be able to bump our listings back but we are all busy living life and that just isn’t always possible. I bump not expecting bumps back, but am always hopeful they will check my shop out. If you are looking for more of a bumping return I would suggest joining in a bump party or making a bumping buddy.

You might have seen some listings set up for bumping parties while browsing shops. These can be searched for in the app as well. Parties are set up by shops through a listing that people can sign up underneath. For instance, one might be a Monday evening bump party for the first 15 shops that comment on the post to sign up. Then the 15 shops have to bump at least five items in each of the 15 shops that night.

Bump Party Listing Example

Bump Party Description Example

Of course there are all different kinds and anyone can create their own bump party listing. It is also helpful to have a bumping buddy. I have several shops that I became bump buddies with that regularly bump me back so I make a point to bump their listings when I have the time.

Being active in bumping and commenting can raise the number of alerts you get on the app which could cause some item questions to be overlooked (settings for some of the features can be personalized). I recommend when you have a question for a seller about an item that you use the send personal message option and or tag them in your comment by putting the @ symbol and their shop name so they get a tag alert instead. This way your questions are less likely to be missed.


Jennifer Waid, a.k.a The 3 Little Bunnies, is a wife to her high school sweetheart and together they are raising two wildflower girls out in the country near Austin, TX. She’s a part-time photographer, lover of reading, Netflix binge watching, getting out in nature, and loves buying just as much as selling on Kidizen.

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