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This week we tapped into the Kidizen community to get some of their advice for first-time sellers and (lucky you!) their tips ranged from photography to item descriptions to finding a great schedule for listing.


“I think good, well-let photos and reasonable prices are the basic keys.”
— Jessica Hirsch Attanasio, What Audrey & Daniel Wore

“I take all my photos in one sitting, making sure that at least my cover shot is set to square. Then I edit as necessary.”
— Katrina Naioti, Celia Bedelia


“I try to add 4-5 new listings daily. I photograph and write the description all at the same time. Then I immediately move to my Kidizen storage area —so I don’t lose the item (with four girls, things go MIA super quickly!)”
— Melissa Spiceland, Gillian’s Wonderland

“I like to list later in the day as I think more people are active then so I usually list while catching up on some shows after bedtime.”
— Katrina Naioti, Celia Bedelia

 Descriptions and Hashtags

“I search by keyword often, so great descriptions are key.”
— Katie Anderson Barth, Hair Bows + Hot Wheels

“I think everyone uses hashtags [to find items] so it’s worth it to do it to your own and follow along on the weekly hash flash hashtag.”
— Lia Pennington, ABC’s CLOSET


“Check into your shop often. If people like your items and see that you haven’t look at your shop in a few days or a week then they will be less likely to buy, thinking you are inactive and they won’t get what they bought.”
— Stacey Lindow, Ash and Babe

Have a few tips of your own? Leave them below or share them with us on Instagram and we’ll share the top five next week!
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